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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Flux Calendar is a web based Calendar and Notification Management System for Sports organizations, Schools and other Institutions.

I am not very web savvy. Is this system easy to use?

Yes, is as easy as updating Facebook. Many of our features are automated and very intuitive.

Will FluxCalendar embed into our website or we need a new one?

Flux Calendar offers both options: embed into your existing site or have your own website with your own domain. When you sign up with Flux Calendar, you get a link to put on your existing website. This link takes you and your members to the page integrated into your site where your members can see their schedule, their classes or events.

If I need support or help with anything, can I call or send an email and get a quick response?

Yes, you can call or email us anytime. We encourage you to provide us feedback and ask questions so we can continue improving our product.

Is my schedule / Calendar visible on mobile devices?

Yes. Our entire system has a responsive design to mold to any device, tablet or phone. If you device has a browser and has access to the internet you can access you schedule.

As an admin can I update content on the go?

You will have full access to our system admin functions anywhere that you have internet access.

How do I get started?

Simply click the 'Get Started' button at the top of the page. You will set you up and running in no time.

Will my information be sold or shared with anyone?

Flux Calendar does not share personal information under any circumstances. Not for promotions, not for money, not for anything. That’s our privacy guarantee. You can read the full details in our privacy policy.

Are there advertisements running on the site?

There are No third party advertisement anywhere on the site.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not require you to sign a contract, so you can cancel anytime.

Do I have to purchase and maintain any equipment?

No, there are no equipment to buy, rent or maintain.