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HOW TO: Setup an Event

Posted on 10 / 10 / 2013

Each Event consists of elements that make up the complete information. You may not use all components but they are available if you need them.
Please reference the following diagram for field designations.

Event Explained 

To create a new event, just click New Event under Events. With the guidance of list boxes the setup of an event takes seconds.

Create Event

Make sure you set your status as one of the below in order for the event to show on the public facing calendar.

The options are: 

  • Open – admin only option to show time slot reserved. It is NOT visible to public viewers.
  • Pending - shows with green background to alert that the event is not confirmed.
  • Confirmed – All good.
  • Cancelled – shows with red background to alert of cancellation

Event Status

At the end make sure you hit Create (or Save if editing)