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BEST BRACTICE: Cancel an Event and Reschedule.

Posted on 11 / 02 / 2013

There comes a time when you need to reschedule and event. Which translates into two tasks: The current event gets Cancelled and the new event need to be Scheduled.

Here is the best way to handle that.

First, locate the event that needs to be cancelled and click Repeat under the blue dropdown arrow. Select Weekly or Daily to repeat the event a week out or a day out (if you event is a different date you can change that later)

Now press Do repeat. Now locate the original event click edit and mark it cancelled. At this time you may also want to put in some notes that the event is rescheduled to a later specified date. Then locate the previously repeated event and make sure all Date, Time and Place are correct. You may also put note here stating that this is a makeup for the previously cancelled event. Your end result should look something like this.

Cancel and Reschedule