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  • HOWTO: enable/disable teams

    Posted on 03 / 14 / 2017

    Navigate to Teams page and click 'admin' link on the bottom and login with your credentials

    team management login

    After logged in a gear icon will show up, click it to edit/manage Teams

    team management gear

    in the Teams pane you can quickly enable inactive/dimmed teams (1a) by clicking 'enable' (1b)

    active teams are bold (2a); you can disable them by clicking on 'disable' (2b)

    after enabling/disabling a team, please click close button and refresh the Teams page to see the changes

    team management enable/disable

  • FEATURE: Send message to one ore more teams

    Posted on 12 / 05 / 2014

    To send a message to one or more teams first select a team. On the top of the team page you can click Send Message.Send Message
    Use the link show hide addresses to review the member who is on that team. Here you can pick and chose who should receive your message.
    Send Email

    If you wish to add additional teams to your email (Please note you must have access to those other teams before you can send message to them.), please click More teams?
    Send Email To Team

    Now you can select the additional teams to add to your receipent list.
    Send Email more Team

  • NEW: Send Event to Team (with or without RSVP)

    Posted on 11 / 21 / 2014

    RSVP feature has been a core component of Flux Calendar. Some coaches have asked if they could send event announcements without RSVP request.
    Now you have both options. You decide which one you need. Send option just send the notice of the event. Send w/ RSVP will request the team member to respond.

    Send option (without RSVP)

    Send w/ RSVP option

  • NEW: Download Events

    Posted on 11 / 21 / 2014

    When you have a lot of events to review or wish to share it with someone, it is nice to be able to filter those events and export them. Now we have that feature for you. On the top of Events on the right you have an Add new box with an dropdown option. Select Export to download your selection to an Excel file.

  • BEST BRACTICE: Cancel an Event and Reschedule.

    Posted on 11 / 02 / 2013

    There comes a time when you need to reschedule and event. Which translates into two tasks: The current event gets Cancelled and the new event need to be Scheduled.

    Here is the best way to handle that.

    First, locate the event that needs to be cancelled and click Repeat under the blue dropdown arrow. Select Weekly or Daily to repeat the event a week out or a day out (if you event is a different date you can change that later)

    Now press Do repeat. Now locate the original event click edit and mark it cancelled. At this time you may also want to put in some notes that the event is rescheduled to a later specified date. Then locate the previously repeated event and make sure all Date, Time and Place are correct. You may also put note here stating that this is a makeup for the previously cancelled event. Your end result should look something like this.

    Cancel and Reschedule

  • FEATURE: Repeat an Event and Recurring Events

    Posted on 11 / 01 / 2013

    When establishing your schedule, practices generally occur on regular bases at the same facility (for example every Tuesday between 7:30-8:45PM). There is a tool for this in Flux Calendar called Repeat. Here is how it works:
    When you click on the blue dropdown arrow on the right and select repeat, it will take you to the Repeat Function.

    Repeat Dropdown

    There are two options to specify.

    • The interval: Weekly or Daily.
    • The length of repeat: End repeat by a specific date or repeat for so many occurrences.

    In all cases you will get a preview of the result below before you press Do repeat.

    Repeat Function

    Once you press Do repeat your selection will commit.

  • HOW TO: Setup an Event

    Posted on 10 / 10 / 2013

    Each Event consists of elements that make up the complete information. You may not use all components but they are available if you need them.
    Please reference the following diagram for field designations.

    Event Explained 

    To create a new event, just click New Event under Events. With the guidance of list boxes the setup of an event takes seconds.

    Create Event

    Make sure you set your status as one of the below in order for the event to show on the public facing calendar.

    The options are: 

    • Open – admin only option to show time slot reserved. It is NOT visible to public viewers.
    • Pending - shows with green background to alert that the event is not confirmed.
    • Confirmed – All good.
    • Cancelled – shows with red background to alert of cancellation

    Event Status

    At the end make sure you hit Create (or Save if editing)

  • HOW TO: Create a Team

    Posted on 10 / 10 / 2013

    One of the most important components of Flux Calendar is Team.

    Each Team belongs to a Division. Division is grouping of Teams of similar age or sports. While this grouping is optional you must have at least one Division created. All Teams can belong to the same division.
    To create a Team is simple. Click on the Team tab and click New Team. Select the Division and give it a Team name and hit Create.

    Creat Team